Frequent answers and questions about premium advertising in Infoisinfo

  1. What benefits do I get from a Premium Ad in Infoisinfo?

    • Appear on the top positions in the search results lists of economic activities or keywords you chose and which are appropriate for your company or business.
    • Stand out from your competitors with a special layout of the ad for your company in the business listings for the chosen keywords that are appropriate for your business.
    • Inclusion of your company logo in the search results.
    • Remove your competitors from your company profile.
    • Receive budget requests by email from your potential customers, even from the search results page.
    • To see a comparative chart of all the differences between a highlighted company and a free ad, click here.
    • To see the visual differences between highlighted ads and free advertising, click this link.
  2. How do I select the economic activities or keywords for my Company?

    You can enter up to 10 keywords or economic activities related to the activity or business of your company.

    When a potential customer searches one of your economic activities or keywords, your company will appear at the top of the search results for that keyword (if more than one company has hired a highlighted ad for the same economic activity or keyword, they will rotate the first place proportionally).

  3. Can I change the economic activities or keywords of my Premium ad?

    Yes, you can change the economic activities or keywords of your Premium ad at any time.

    It’s simple, log in to your account and modify keywords or economic activity from the tab “Company Data” and “Categories”.

    You can easily remove or include activities or keywords to incorporate a maximum of 10

  4. What kind of images should I add to my premium ad?

    First you must add your company logo, as that is the image that will appear highlighted in your ad on the search results page. You can also include nine additional photos of your business along with pictures of your products or services.

  5. Can I change the pictures of my premium ad?

    Yes, you can change your pictures at any time.

    It's simple, login to your account and modify images from the tab "Company Data" and then "Company Logo and images".

  6. Can I modify, add or delete information of my premium ad?

    Of course! Just go to your account settings and modify or add any information of your premium ad. This way, you will have the information of your company fully updated.

    You can even include links to product catalogs or works performed by your company. This way, your potential customers will have a simple and easy access to your business information.

  7. Can I cancel my premium ad subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your premium ad subscription at any time with just a single click.

    It's simple, login to your account and under the "Premium Ads" tab are the companies that you have highlighted. There is an action button called "Cancel premium membership" through which your ad will not be renewed and will end when the contracted period is done.

  8. If I subscribed two or more companies, can I cancel just one of them?

    If you made ​​two or more companies’ subscription in the same process and only want to cancel one of them, the process to follow is:

    First, you need to cancel both subscriptions. To do this, login to your account and under the "Premium Ads" tab, click on "Cancel Premium Membership”. Premium ads will not be renewed and will end at the end of the contracted period.

    Once this period ends, you can re-sign the company you want to continue existing as a premium ad.

  9. How long can I subscribe for a premium ad?

    There are several periods you can subscribe for a premium ad. Monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual options are available for subscription.

  10. Can I modify my subscription period?

    In order to modify your subscription period, you must perform two steps:

    First, you have to unsubscribe for your actual membership. To do this, login to your account and under the "Premium Ads" tab, click on "Cancel Premium Membership”. Premium ads will not be renewed and will end at the end of the contracted period.

    After that, you can re-sign for a premium membership and choose among the different periods available.

  11. Are there any discounts available for a premium membership subscription?

    Yes, there are different discounts available for a premium membership:

    • Monthly 0%   discount
    • Quarterly 15% discount
    • Biannual 25% discount
    • Annual 35% discount
  12. How much does a premium subscription cost?

    There are different prices based on the subscription period:

    Period Basis Discount rate Discount Total amount
    1 Month 2995.00 No discount 0.00 2995.00
    3 Months 8985.00 -15% 1347.75 7637.40
    6 Months 17970.00 -25% 4492.50 13477.80
    1 Year 35940.00 -35% 12579.00 23361.60
  13. What are the payments methods available?

    There are different payments methods available for the premium membership subscription:

    • Debit card
    • Credit card
    • PayPal
    • Local payment methods (depending on the country)
  14. What does InfoisInfo send me when I subscribe for a premium membership?

    Infoisinfo will send you a bill by mail once the payment is done.

    Furthermore, you can access all invoices from the "Premium Membership" tab, under My Account settings. There is a link to each of the bills issued by Infoisinfo.

  15. How I can renew my premium ad membership?

    Depending on the payment method selected by the user, there will be an automatic subscription to premium ads available.

    Apart from that, InfoisInfo will send you an email five days before the end of the contracted period, alerting you to renew your premium membership. However, if the payment method used by the client does not automatically renew your ad (i.e. credit card or debit card, PayPal, etc.) we will send you a link through which you can make the renewal of your premium membership, choosing your preferred payment method.

  16. What happens if I miss the payment date of my premium membership?

    If you miss the payment date of the premium membership, InfoisInfo will send you an email stating that the payment could not be done.

    Moreover, we will give you up to five days to make the payment. If you still miss that period, InfoisInfo will cancel your premium ad subscription.

    At this time, you will have to re-subscribe to the premium membership if you want to keep all the benefits of the premium ad.

  17. Do I have a statistics tool for analyzing the visibility and impact received in my feature my ad?

    Yes, InfoisInfo has an advanced statistic system through which you can access your premium-ad data; you can analyze these data down to the last detail. For example, you can access data such as visibility impact, which keywords or economic activities are working properly and the geographical scope of your business.